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Pale Blue Dot Media is a production company based in New York City.  We focus on stories at the intersection of human rights and environmental issues, but will tackle any subject with a compelling narrative and end-goal of contributing to the greater good.

Backyard Screens at Clinton St. Theatre in Portland


Backyard Screens at Clinton St. Theatre in Portland

Want to learn more about fracking? Let's have a serious conversation.

Environmentalist Mike Rosen will provide an overview of the issue in New York and bring you up to date. BACKYARD director, Deia Schlosberg, will be available for Q&A after the screening.

In addition to BACKYARD, we'll also screen THE SKY IS PINK by Josh Fox and the Gasland Team.

BACKYARD is a documentary film about fracking and its effects on five people's lives. Following stories in Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Dakota and Montana, an eerie similarity emerges amongst them, despite the vast differences in geography and personal histories. Animated interludes remind us to step back and consider the bigger picture.

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