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Pale Blue Dot Media is a production company based in New York City.  We focus on stories at the intersection of human rights and environmental issues, but will tackle any subject with a compelling narrative and end-goal of contributing to the greater good.

Backyard at Women's Voices: Breaking Barriers (Missoula, MT)


Backyard at Women's Voices: Breaking Barriers (Missoula, MT)

  • Women's Voices Stensrud Building & Music Hall, UM Campus Missoula, MT USA

Sat Oct. 19th, 11:30 AM at Stensrud Building

Screening of Backyard and Q & A about my experience as a filmmaker and activist in conjunction with the Women's Health & Environment Summit.

Sat Oct. 19th 7:30 PM at UM Music Hall

I'll be doing a TEDx-type talk on "Breaking Barriers" at the Women's Voices for the Earth annual event.

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