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Pale Blue Dot Media is a production company based in New York City.  We focus on stories at the intersection of human rights and environmental issues, but will tackle any subject with a compelling narrative and end-goal of contributing to the greater good.


Pale Blue Dot Media is a production company based in Bozeman, MT.  We focus on stories at the intersection of human rights and environmental issues, but will tackle any subject with a compelling narrative and end-goal of contributing to the greater good.




What's in a name?

The Pale Blue Dot image was taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft in 1990 from 6 billion km away, as per Carl Sagan's request. The photo points back toward Earth through Saturn's rings and shows our planet as a tiny blue dot in the top-most ring. This unique perspective throws light upon the frailty and sacredness of the Earth, and highlights the importance of treasuring the only things we have that actually matter. Everyone we have ever loved and will ever love, every memory, every laugh, every birth and death and work of art and chapter of history and discovery---all exist only on that tiny little dot.

The goal of Pale Blue Dot Media is to bring a little bit of that larger perspective into every story we tell.

image courtesy of NASA

Who is PBD?


Deia Schlosberg - Director, Producer, Founder


Deia Schlosberg made national news in October, 2016, when she was arrested and charged with 45 years' worth of felonies for filming the #ShutItDown pipeline protest in North Dakota. Deia is currently directing the docuseries Bootstraps as well as The Story of Plastic, the Story of Stuff organization's first feature film. Previously, Deia produced Josh Fox's climate change film, How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change (Sundance/HBO). Deia also co-produced Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock (Tribeca/Netflix), and The Reluctant Radical (2018), Lindsey Grayzel's portrait of one climate activist and his personal struggle with avoiding global catastrophe. Deia also co-directed and produced Cold Love, a look at the 25-plus-year career of explorer Lonnie Dupre's journeys to the world's coldest places and the climate change impacts that he's witnessed first-hand by doing so. Deia earned an MFA in Science & Natural History Filmmaking at Montana State University in Bozeman, where she directed and produced Backyard, which looks at the human cost of fracking. The film won two student Emmys (Best Documentary, Bricker Humanitarian Award) and screened at film festivals around the world, winning several audience choice and special jury awards.

Deia's background is in environmental education and visual arts, as well as expeditioning, having been awarded a 2009 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award for a two-year, 7800-mile through-hike of the Andes Mountains. She subsequently gave talks around the U.S. on the lessons in sustainable living she learned over the course of her time in the Andes. 

Other credits include co-director of Stories of Trust, an award-winning ten-part series featuring the young defendants in the landmark federal climate lawsuit, and producer of Life on Terra, a multiple Webby Award-winning website and Emmy-winning Montana-PBS television series. 

Kyle Cadotte - COO, Producer


Kyle Cadotte produced #ClimateRevolution, a concert series sponsored by NextGen America; co-produced Awake, A Dream From Standing Rock (Tribeca/NETFLIX); and was the production coordinator for both How To Let Go Of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change (Sundance/HBO) and for the branding studio Narratively Creative. Kyle’s current projects include: associate producing Katy Scoggin’s Flood, producing Greg King’s documentary following Anne Bogart’s SITI Company, production managing Deia Schlosberg’s Story of Plastic, and producing Schlosberg's docuseries Bootstraps in partnership with Kartemquin Films. Kyle has managed a variety of production companies; including the OBIE and Drama Desk winning En Garde Arts and the Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning International WOW Company. Kyle holds an MFA in Management and Producing from Columbia University.

Conrad Shaw - Producer


Conrad is a New York-based film and stage actor, screenwriter, filmmaker, and UBI writer/advocate. Originally from Colorado, he earned a degree and several years experience as a mechanical engineer before switching gears and moving to New York to pursue his passion of storytelling. He graduated from the two-year Meisner acting training program at the William Esper Studio in midtown Manhattan. Alongside current documentary and acting work, Conrad is also developing a feature narrative film called Rolling with Virgil and a long form television drama series called Jellyfish. Since embarking on Bootstraps in 2016, Conrad has built a reputation as a respected writer and speaker in the UBI space as well.




Pale Blue Dot Media
601 W 144th St.
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